Monthly Challenges 2021

Each month until the next Founding Revel, our StormMaker will issue a new Arts & Sciences challenge. Please think about participating.  Small prizes will be awarded, along with fun and bragging rights. Keep your Arts & Sciences mojo moving forward, and maybe consider these a start to entering the next StormMaker Competition in 2022.

June 2021

the greate Mask-hack

Responding to the Year of Plague. Make/Decorate a protective mask .


Here are the details of my Challenge for June! Create a protective face mask for yourself or another person(s). Categories; Persona/Fantasy/Combat/Trick or Treat or anything else you might think of! Have fun with it. Challengers may use their own pattern or an extant one. All safe materials are acceptable. This is a timed Challenge beginning at noon on Friday June 18th and ending at noon on Friday, June 25th. Challengers will present the evening of June 26th, venue to be announced. Please let me know with a private message if you would like to take up my Challenge! See below for inspiration: