Monthly Challenges 2021

Each month until the next Founding Revel, our StormMaker will issue a new Arts & Sciences challenge. Please think about participating.  Small prizes will be awarded, along with fun and bragging rights. Keep your Arts & Sciences mojo moving forward, and maybe consider these a start to entering the next StormMaker Competition in 2022.

July 2021

12th Night (not 12th Night) Garment Challenge


Modest prizes and groovy bragging rights will be awarded in


Novice           Intermediate           Advanced 

Please notify the StormMaker (Lois Hale) as to what category you’d like to enter.
(email to forward information if you can't find Lois on FB)

We all missed out on the last-minute 12th Night rush to get something new and shiny done before the event. In keeping with that pressure,


this challenge is time limited to 4 days!


Challengers should consider using materials they have on hand. The StormMaker does not want anyone to break the bank for this Challenge. A T-tunic, chemise or other rectangular construction garment is just as acceptable as is anything more complex. And yet, Challengers may create whatever they’d like.

The Challenge begins at 6AM on July 26
and will end at 12 midnight on
July 30.

The plan so far is for the Challengers to present their entries the following Saturday during an unofficial online Google Meet gathering.
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend to see the Challengers efforts.

This Challenge is dedicated to the Honourable Ladies
Synnove ian Baile Atha Cliath and Ariadne Melusina.