update: next meeting of 

WEDNESDAY, June 9th, 2021 7-9PM

Meeting will be on Discord. 



Click on Stromgard Baronial Meeting

if you've never done Discord:

How to Join Discord:
Go to https://discord.com/
and either choose to download or run the program in the browser.

(Also available on mobile or tablet)

Create an account and log into Discord.
Select the following link and navigate to the Fun House Server.
Locate the #general text channel
Select the ‘Pinned messages’

React to a message to receive Stromgard roles and access, or ask an administrator

(Fun Landlord, Fun Boss or Fun Capo).

Look for the Stromgard area on the left and

select a voice channel to join with voice and video.

About Stromgard

Stromgard began as a Shire, founded in 1971  & became a Barony in 2000. As a chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, our group comprises medieval fighters, archers, ax, knife & spear throwers, blacksmiths, potters, cooks, farmers, cobblers, bards, musicians, costumers, equestrians, makers and doers of every kind. We enjoy "experiential archaeology & anthropology" focusing on cultures before the 1700s, and strive to recreate aspects of the life and times (minus plague, religious constraints, war, or prejudices.)

We encourage the curious & newcomers to join us at events, meetings & gatherings online or in person for games, tournaments, expositions & more. Please contact our Chatelaine (newcomer liason) for more information.