Greetings from Her Excellency of Stromgard

I am honored by your interest in the Sergeantry of Stromgard. The following pages “Sergeantry over view” outline the requirements and privileges of the Order as well as the process for becoming a member of the Order. The Sergeantry Trials are not to be entered into lightly. They were developed, in part, to prove to all that one is qualified and educated at the level of a knight. This includes knowledge that extends well beyond the areas of combat. To be a Sergeant of Stromgard is to have achieved a very high standard. The Trials will challenge each candidate to step out of their normal routine and explore new areas. I invite your petitions.


Meistara Reginleif in hárfagra,

Baroness of Stromgard


Stromgard Sargeantry Trials & Demo

(June 20, 2009)



The Stromgard Sergeant’s study guide.


The Sergeant's


Roster consists of Currently Active, Emeritus, On Mission,

Leave of Absence, Retired and Currently Inactive members


Current Captain of the Sergentry

HL Octar Wolfkiller / Jacques avec de L'eau

Premier Gallant of Stromgard


Roster of Currently Active Sergeantry

HL Ivon Drengr
Stromgard Sergeant since AS XXXV

HL Octar Wolfkiller / Jacques avec de L'eau
Stromgard Sergeant since AS XXXVI

HL Eoin mac Eanruig
Stromgard Premier Yeoman AS XXXV

Lady Edeline de Bayonne
Stromgard Hofling since AS XXXIX

Godfrey of Wessex

Stromgard Sergeant since AS XXXXIII

Lady Drifa in Rautha,

Stromgard Lancer since AS XXXXIII

HL Thorbrand Thursasprengir,

Stromgard Sergeant since AS XXXXIII



Roster of Retired & Currently Inactive Sergeantry

HL Eleric Hvittansonn
Stromgard Sergeant

HL Qada'an Nachin
Stromgard Hofling

Rognvaldr Bassi Hersir
Stromgard Sergeant


Transferred Sergeants

Lord Murcadh dal Cais
Stromgard Sergeant since AS XXXV Transferred to Barony of Vulkanfeldt

HL Annelise von Aachen
Stromgard Sergeant since AS XXXVII Transferred to Barony ofAdiantum


Sergeants Emeritus

 Mistress Miranda Faoltiarna, Stromgard
Stromgard Lancer

Master Togrul Guiscard
Stromgard Lancer

Sir Wredech Tiernanson
Stromgard Sergeant

Sir Rodrigo Alfonso de Granada “ibin
Stromgard Sergeant


Updated 09-03-08