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Grand Thing XI - May 27 - May 30 2016

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    The Barony of Stromgard invites you to the Eleventh Annual Grand Thing. This event focuses on Norse and Irish traditions of the Viking era, though all cultures and interests are welcome! Armored Combat, Rapier Combat, Archery and Thrown Weapons, Games, Classes and a Grand Feast are some of the highlights of the event. The “Grand Thing” will take place Saturday evening after the feast – Based on the period Norse tradition when the community would come together to settle issues of law. All are welcome to come witness the review of previous laws and see a new law accepted. Don’t miss the Stormrider Tournament that will decide who becomes Stromgard’s Equestrian Champion!

    Site Location

    Clatsop County Fairgrounds - 92937 Walluski Loop - Astoria, OR 97103

    Directions to Site:

    From the North - Follow I-5 South to WA-432 W in Kelso. Take exit 36 from I-5 South.  Take US-30 W to Walluski Loop in Clatsop County.

    From the South - Follow I-5 North to WA-432 W in Kelso.  Take exit 36 from I-5 North. Take US-30 W to Walluski Loop in Clatsop County.

    We have found this could be the easiest route for those pulling trailers.

    Site Fees

    Camping - Adults $25.00*, Day Fee - $15.00*

    Children 17 and under are free

    *$5.00 Member Discount (with proof of membership) for adults applies to camping or daytrip.

    Cash or checks only. Make checks payable to Barony of Stromgard - SCA, Inc.

    Bringing children? Remember they have extra paperwork.

    If you are not the parent or legal guardian of the children you are bringing, their parent or legal guardian must fill out the paperwork before the children come to the event.

    Minor Medical Form

    Minor Consent Form

    Contact Info

    Event Steward Qara Chinua

    For land reservations please contact James “Chingis” Sayer

    For Motel 1066 (stalls) or Horse stall reservations please contact Baron Ivon Drengr

    For Merchanting please contact Stanton MacLlyr

  • StormRider TournamentOpen or Close

    Ivon and Hlutwige, Lord and Lady Stromgard invite you to the StormRider Emprise to be held at the Grand Thing, May 27-29 A.S. Fiftyone.

    Let all the nobles of An Tir, and of all the known Kingdoms, who are not banished or enemies of the King our Lord, know that there is to be a great festival of arms and a very noble tourney, each mounted on a great horse contestants shall display their arms, crests, banners and horses, as is the ancient custom. This grand tournament will be hosted by the noble and powerful Barony of Stromgard at the Grand Thing, May 27-30 Anno Societatis Fifty-one (2016).

    The most resplendent and vaunt Equestrian shall be mantled with the title of StormRider and become the Equestrian Champion of Stomgard. Competitors! Please be prepared with your Letter of Intent at Baronial Court prior to the beginning of the tournament. Should you prove victorious, you will be required to swear fealty to the Baron and Baroness. Please send an electronic message to Ivon and Hlutwige prior to the event, to let them know that you would like to compete and to facilitate planning.

    The StormRider Emprise shall follow the vision of the Emprise of the Black Lion, and shall adopt as many attributes as possible from King René's treatise and incorporate them into an event which will be enjoyable for SCA equestrians, and spectators. We wish to thank the members of the Barony of Madrone and the Madrone Equestrian Guild for their help and assistance in furthering period equestrian tournaments.

    The format of the StormRider Emprise tournament is inspired by the 1460 treatise by René of Anjou "traictié de la forme et devis d'ung tournoy" and will be the A La Carte system. This means that during the morning presentation upon the field, your herald will declare the games in which you will participate. There will be SEVEN (perhaps eight) different choices available. You will pick FIVE by having your herald strike the shields representing the four chosen activities. You will compete in those four activities and your scores will be tallied. Scoring methods will vary from game to game, but each activity will have same maximum number of points as any other activity.

    Every game score will consist of an element score (how many rings/pigs etc. for solo games, how many "wins" or breaks for paired games) as well as some points from the judges on panache, courtesy, sportsmanship and the like. Additional points may be granted at the judge’s discretion for other reasons, for example presentation, stunning costume and barding, authenticity, or chivalric behavior.

    The games for the Championship of the StormRider Emprise will be:

    Please note that some of these activities require special authorization beyond the regular Rider authorization (Jousting and Behord). If you plan to compete in these activities, please make sure that you authorize for your chosen games before the event. Since there are five activities which require no special authorizations, it is possible to compete in the tournament without being authorized for any special activities. Riders of all authorization levels and skills are encouraged to take part.


    Each contestant may as an option, keep a stall for their horse and decorate in a manner that is in accord with their persona. The judges will visit each stall and competitor though out the day to talk about their horse and their persona. Also to see that the horse is well cared for.


    As to the makeup of the four judges, King René recommends: And you ought to know that the appellant lord always ought to choose half the judges: that is, two from the country of the defendant lord, and the other two from his own country or elsewhere, at his pleasure: and he ought right willingly to choose the judges from the most notable, honorable and ancient barons, knights and squires that he can find, who have seen the most and travelled and who are reputed wiser and more knowledgeable about feats of arms than other men.

    How the StormRider Emprise is similar: Per King René's recommendations, we also have four noble judges who lend their wisdom and experience to the overseeing of the tournament and the resolution of any conflicts.

    How the StormRider Emprise is different: Unlike the judges for King René's tournament description, our judges are not required to organize the logistics of the tournament itself -- this is being done by the Barony of Stromgard.


    All mounted competitors are encouraged to create a crest of historically accurate size.

    Heralds & Heraldry

    Herald involvement and heraldic pageantry will be another component of the StormRider Emprise. Heraldry in all of its forms will be encouraged: banners, caparisons, pennants, and of course a tabard on your Herald.


    All competitors must be prepared with a letter of introduction and intent to the noble Baron & Baroness, and the judges at Baronial Court the morning of the tournament. Competitor’s may use words stylistically similar to (or directly from) the King René text or appropriate to their persona. At the opening of the tournament all competitors with their horse will be presented by their herald.


    To advertise the tournament, King Rene recommends: Hereafter follows the form and manner in which you should cry the tourney... And to make this better known, all princes, lords, barons, knights and squires of the above marches, and others from whatsoever nations they are, not banished or enemies of the king, our lord, who wish to tourney to acquire honor, may carry these little shields that will be given out presently, so that everyone may know who are the tourneyers. And anyone can have them who want: the little shields are quartered with the arms of the four knights and squires who are judges of the tourney. How the StormRider Emprise similar: We also give little shields to the competitors, quartered with the arms of the four judges. Coming soon to an event near you!

    Championship Contact Information

    EMIC: Rachel Anne Parker

    Tournament Organizer: Sir Edward Ean Anderson

    ContactBaron Ivon to request space. There is space for horse trailers on the opposite side of the arena from where the barns are. No fee for horse stalls.

  • Events & ClassesOpen or Close

    Events Schedule


    10AM - Gate open for Merchants

    12PM – Gate opens for populace

    8PM – Teen Meet and Greet


    8AM – Gate opens, Archery Range open for practice (1hr)

    9AM – Archery: Adult/Child prize Tournament

    10AM – Rapier armor inspection

    10AM - Archery: Teen Prize tournament

    10AM - Opening Court

    10:30AM – Armor inspection

    10:30AM - StormRider Tournament - Outside covered arena

    11AM - Rapier Tournament

    11AM - Multi–weapon tournament

    Noon - Thrown weapons: Practice and scoring knives axe and spears at archery range

    Noon - Children: Grand Thing Lunch at Bjorgvin camp

    1PM - Archery: Adult Prize Tournament

    2:30PM – Tiernan’s Domination Tourney

    4PM – Potluck feast Set up begins

    5PM – Potluck feast set up for populace

    5:30PM – Potluck feast begins

    7PM - Baronial Court

    8PM -Teen dance

    8:30PM – Grand Thing law giving ceremony

    10PM - Norse Trade Blanket

    10PM - Spear the Beer


    8AM – Gate opens

    9AM – Archery : Range open for practice and royal rounds

    10AM – Early Period Feast Foods and Their Social Value (Location to be announced)

    10:30AM - Armor inspection

    11AM - Monastery Raid

    11AM - Thrown Weapons

    1PM - Rapier Activites

    1PM - Volunteer Heavy Tournament

    2PM - Children Monastery Raid

    3PM - Memorial Axe Tourney

    4PM - Royal Court

    4PM - Baronial Prize

    6PM - Shredded Pig and Potluck

    7PM - Cut The Braid contest

    8PM - Archery

    10PM - Spear The Beer


    10AM - Breakfast for workers

    1PM - Site Closes



    9AM - Skyr Making (Location to be announced)

    11AM - Keep Your Edge (Knife Sharpening) (Main Hall)(1 hour)

    11AM - Along the Spice Route –First Steps (Main Hall) (1 hour)

    Noon - Beginning Finger Loop Braids, Daily Life in Ancient Rome, a discussion covering men, women, and children from a variety of social strata.

    2PM - Heraldry for Sargeantry Candidates (Herald’s Point) (2 hours)

    3PM - Thrown weapons class

    3PM - Viking Porridge (Location to be announced)


    10AM - Dog Coursing History of coursing and Sight hounds Lower field (2 hours)

    11AM - Medieval Games (Main Hall)

    Noon - Cast Iron Care (1 hour)

    Noon - Introduction to Youth Combat

  • TournamentsOpen or Close

    The Five Tournaments at The Grand Thing


    11AM - Multi-Weapons Tournament with five weapons styles (sword & shield, axe & shield, spear & shield, two-handed axe, and two-handed spear)

    2:30PM - Domination Tourney - where not just your skill is tested, but your courage and valor


    11AM - Monastery Raid - where you keep what booty you can escape with.

    1PM - Volunteer Tourney - fighters get lives based on amount of time volunteering

    Sunday 3PM - Memorial Great Axe Tournament - bring word fame of the fallen in song, prose, or saga to enter.

    Can you withstand the Storm of Steel?

  • FeastsOpen or Close

    It is tradition for the Norse to invite visitors to feast in their halls. Honoring that tradition, Stromgard once again invites all people to attend the potluck feasts at Grand Thing. This year we will be having two potlucks! One on Saturday and in lieu of the Pig Roast fundraiser we will be having Kailua pork $5.00 per person.

    Potluck feasting relies on the generosity of the populace. In that spirit, contributions should be 2 cups of food per person in your party. That is an extra large casserole for a four person family. Please divide contributions into 2 containers. Bring your own beverage and feast gear.

    Grand Feast - Saturday Night

    Everyone is invited to the Great Hall with seating for 5:00 PM to attend a Grand Feast Saturday night.

    This feast is a potluck with contributions divided by modern last name:

    A-F: Salad or Cheese

    G-L: Side Dish or Vegetable

    M-S: Main Dish

    T-Z: Dessert or Fruit

    Please bring enough for 10 or more people for each person attending

    Shredded Pig and Potluck – Sunday Night

    Potluck starts at 6PM

    This feast is a potluck with contributions divided by modern last name:

    A-F: Dessert or Fruit

    G-L: Salad or Cheese

    M-S: Side Dish or Vegetable

    T-Z: Main Dish

    Please bring enough for 10 or more people for each person attending

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