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Greetings from Ivon and Hlutwige Lord and Lady Stromgard

As landed Baron and Baroness, it is Our right and privilege to bestow the rank of Sergeant, Yeoman, Gallant, Lancer, Hoflinger and Handwerker upon those who successfully traverse the trials We set. The role of the Sergeantry is unique to An Tir and has a long and honourable history. Much has been written by gentles throughout the realm and is readily available in various mediums. We encourage you, dear reader, to seek these histories as they are important threads in the immense and diverse tapestry of our Kingdom.
It is Our fervent desire to seek and work with candidates who share Our love of Barony, Kingdom and Society. Having this opportunity to foster those candidates through this process of education is a great honour and one We take quite seriously.
Herewith We take up Our prerogative as Baron and Baroness Stromgard to begin Sergeantry Trials in the coming year.

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