Stromgard Baronial Customary




Section 1-                 Scope

Section II-                 Officials of the Barony

Section III-                Citizenship

Section IV-               Champions

Section V-                 Sargeantry

Section VI-               Procedural Standards & Council Meetings

Section VII-              Events & Autocrats

Section VIII-                         Baronial Awards

Section IX-                Traditions

Section X-                 History




Section I-  Scope


1.      This is the customary of the Barony of Stromgard, located in Clark and Skamania Counties of Washington State, a subsidiary of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., as permitted by Corpora 1.A, and is intended to provide guidelines for the smooth running of baronial affairs.  It does not delineate SCA policy.


2.      This customary may be amended by an action of the Stromgard Baronial Council in conjunction with Their Excellencies of Stromgard and shall be reviewed annually.


3.      This customary is superceded by Federal, State, and Local laws and ordinances, the governing documents of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and the Laws of the Kingdom of An Tir.


Section II-     Officials of the Barony


1.      Appointment to Office

A.    In an emergency situation when a greater office is vacated or the officer is suspended, the Seneschal shall assume the office until a replacement is found and, with the Baronial Coronet, choose a suitable replacement.



B.      Upon announcement of the end of an officer’s term, others may present a Letter of Intent declaring the candidate’s wish to be considered for the office, along with any pertinent experience, to the Council.


C.    Letters of Intent will be accepted for a minimum of one month following the announcement of the open office.


D.    The Baronial Council will meet to discuss the candidates and after careful consideration choose the successor.


1.      In the case of a Seneschal resigning, being replaced, or

completing their term, the Baronial Council will review the candidates’ Letters of Intent and choose the successor forwarding the job acceptance form to the Kingdom Seneschal for warranting (approval).


2.      Removal from Office


A.  Laws Regarding Removal:


1.      Removal of officers shall follow the procedures outlined in Kingdom Law.


            B. Replacement or suspension of an Officer shall be done in accordance with Kingdom Law.


1.      Officers may be suspended, removed, or replaced if they are absent from Council two consecutive months, attend sporadically, or do not make reports.


C.     Reinstatement of Officers After Suspensions

1.      If the officer has rectified the problem which was cause for suspension, the officer may be reinstated.


1.                                          Requirements of Baronial Officials  (Including Officers, deputies, and Autocrats)


A.    Newly appointed officers will fill out a Change of Officer Form by the next Council meeting after being selected and forwarded to the Kingdom superior by the officer in question.

B.      Must be a current paid member of the SCA, Inc.

C.    Must subscribe to The Siren, the baronial newsletter.

D.    Must have working telephone contact number at which one may be readily reached.

E.      Abide by the Laws of An Tir.

F.      Work with a sense of cooperation with the Coronets, other officers, deputies, kingdom superiors, and citizens of Stromgard and An Tir.

G.   Submit quarterly kingdom reports to their kingdom superior, the seneschal, and Baronial Coronet as delineated by Kingdom policy.

H.     Officers will make an oath of service to the barony.



4.General Duties of All Officers

A.    Attend monthly Council meetings.

B.      Report monthly at Council both orally and in writing supplying copies to the Chronicler, the Seneschal, and Their Excellencies.

C.    Fulfill the duties of their office at local events or find a suitable replacement trained to do so in their absence.  In the event of a absence, the officer must inform the autocrat of their chosen replacement.

D.    Keep in contact with autocrats to ensure the smooth operation of events.

E.      Provide event reports for their office to the autocrat within two weeks after the event.  Copies of such must be included in their monthly report.

F.      Abide by the lawful directives of the Seneschal and Coronet.

G.   All officers will choose a deputy within 30 days of assuming office, if possible. Greater officer deputies should be acceptable to the Seneschal and Coronet

H.     Terms of Office

1.      Champions will be considered officers and serve for one year.  Requirements and acceptability are to be set by the Coronet.

2.      The Coronet shall serve a three year term with a second term permissible. Term may be repeated with a satisfactory polling of support for up to 6 years unless required by Their Majesties to continue as per Kingdom Law.

3.      All other officers shall serve a two year term.

a.     A second two year term is allowable if acceptable to the Baronial Council and Kingdom Officer.

b.     There will be a maximum of two consecutive terms.


2.                                          Officials of the Barony

Required Officers To Maintain Baronial Status

Baronies shall:

                         (I) Have the minimum number of members as defined in Corpora.

                         (2) A set of warrantable officers acceptable to the Crown, which include:

(a) Seneschal.

(b) Herald.

(c) Marshal.

(d) Arts and Sciences Officer.

(e) Chatelaine.

                               (f) Exchequer.

                               (g) Chronicler  (newsletter required)

(3) A name and device registered with the College of Arms.

(4) At least one person to accept the title of Baron or Baroness as appropriate to their gender.


A.     Coronet


1.      Terms shall be in accordance with Kingdom Law.

2.Ceremonial Head and Representatives of the Crown

Serving as the ceremonial Head of State for the Barony, including, but not limited to, hosting visiting Royalty, conducting such Courts as are necessary for presenting awards, prizes, recognitions, honors and memberships in the Orders of the Barony, also presenting Awards, Orders, etc. delegated to them by the Crown, and providing pomp and ceremony to Baronial events.

a.     Attend most Crown events.

b.     Attend Baronial Council meetings frequently.

c.     Serves on the Financial Committee approving expenditures as per Kingdom Law and baronial financial policy.

d.     Attends all baronial events or sends suitable representative if needed.

e.     Serve as a liaison for the people of Stromgard to the Crown.

f.        The Baroness may have members of the Sargeantry in fealty to her including Sargeants, Gallants, Yeomen, and Lancers.

g.     The Coronet may have Champions in fealty including those for Armoured Heavy known as The StormGod, Rapier, Champion of the Horse, Champion of the Bow, Children’s Champion, and Arts & Sciences.

h.     The Baron may have members of the Hoflingar and Handwerkers in fealty.

i.         Performing any other duties mandated by Governing Documents, Kingdom Law, or Their Majesties' decrees or commands.


a.     Compile the State of the Barony report to present to Their Majesties and Highnesses one month prior to Twelfth Night and July Coronation.

b.     Reports monthly at Baronial Council meetings.

c.     Regularly places a missive in the monthly newsletter, The Siren.


2.      Bestowing Awards

a.     It is the duty of the Coronet to write letters of recommendation to Their Majesties for those subjects worthy of kingdom awards.

b.     It is the privilege of the Coronet to create and present baronial level awards for reasons they deem worthy.

1.      The Coronet will work with the Herald and Seneschal to develop appropriate regalia for such awards and suitable ceremonials for the presentation of awards.

3.      Successors

a.     The Baron and Baroness should be considering those couples that could follow them.

1.      Provide suggestions to the Crown.

2.      Provide suggestions to the populace of the barony.

3.      Participate in overseeing the polling process.

b.     Polling for a New Coronet

1.      If possible, the present Coronet should announce their intentions of stepping down six months prior to the intended date.

2.      The Coronet should explain the process in The Siren and on the baronial website.

3.      Letters of Intent should be accepted for at least two months at baronial council meetings.

4.      Candidates will be subject to a short question and answer session at Council.

5.      An announcement regarding the specific date and time of the polling shall appear in the Crier one month prior to the polling date.

6.      Their Majesties and the Kingdom Seneschal or representatives from each party are to oversee the actual polling.

7.      Absentee polling forms will be available from the Baronial Seneschal and must be returned on or prior to the polling date.

8.      Those who may poll include…

a.     Paid members living in the borders of Stromgard.

b.     Paid members who are part of the Stromgard Sargeantry.

c.     Paid members who are officers of Stromgard.

B.     Seneschal

1.      Duties

The Seneschal(e) is the administrative head and legal representative of the Barony.  As such, the Seneschal(e) is responsible for smooth functioning and continued communication between the Officials of the Barony.  Duties and Responsibilities of the Seneschal(e) include, but are not limited to:


A)  Performing the Office of Seneschal(e) in accordance with directions from Kingdom and/or Regional superior(s).


B)  Acting as moderator of the Baronial Council, and if unable to attend, ensuring that a moderator acceptable to the Council is present.


C)  Ensuring that Council meetings are conducted in accordance with the Customary.


D)  Coordinating the amendment of this Customary as necessary with the consent of Council.


E)  Sitting as a member of the Financial committee.


F)  Review the bank statements monthly and keep a copy with seneschal files.


G)     Ensuring that the Baronial books are audited at least annually.

H)     Attending Baronial events or providing an acceptable deputy.


2.      Monitors “The Stream.”

3.      Follows the general duties of officers.

      b.  Deputies

1.      The Deputy Seneschal shall keep a roster of officers, their attendance at meetings, and their submission of reports.

2.      All event autocrats will report to the Seneschal and are considered to be deputy officers during the preparation for and execution of an event.


                  D.  Exchequer

            1.  Duties

a.     Financial Coordinator

The Chancellor of the Exchequer is the Treasurer of the Barony.  Duties and responsibilities of the Chancellor of the Exchequer include, but are not limited to:


A)  Performing the office of Chancellor of the Exchequer in accordance with directions from Kingdom and/or Regional superior(s).


B)  Providing a summary report of the Baronial finances to Council monthly including a copy of the bank statements.


C)  Ensuring that there are written financial procedures for the Barony, that they meet the approval of Superior(s), and Council, and that they are followed.


D)  Sitting as a member of the Financial Committee.


E)  Providing reasonable access to Baronial financial records, as requested in writing to the Seneschal(e).


F)  Acknowledging donations to the Barony as appropriate.


G)    Collecting and handling properly all event monies and receipts either personally or through a designated representative.


H)  Providing all waivers and gate sign in sheets at events for the autocrat’s use.  Collecting said waivers and gate sign in sheets at the conclusion of events.

                              2.  Signatory on checking and saving accounts.

             3.  Needs to be at all baronial events or provide a deputy.

            a. Responsible for supplying cash boxes with adequate


            c.  Follows the general duties of officers.

2.  Deputy

            a.  Serves as additional signatory on accounts.

3.      Financial Committee

4.     a.  Acts as a member.

            b.  Other members include:  The deputy exchequer, the Baron, and the Baroness.  One other member may be a member of the Financial Committee.

c.     Approves budgets and baronial expenditures.

d.    Items of great expense of over $500 will be presented to the Council.

E.  Herald

                         1.  Duties

Baronial Pursuivant:


a.  The Red Trident Herald is a Greater Officer and is the chief heraldic officer of the Barony.


b.  The Red Trident Herald shall:

                1.  Act as the Coronet’s chief advisor in all heraldic matters

                2.  Act as the Voice of the Coronets’ at court and on the field, and be responsible for official announcements at Baronial Events.

                3.  Assist in preparation, research, and submission of names, devices and badges for the Barony and for the populace of the Barony.

                3.  Maintain and update the Baronial Ceremonial, the Order of Precedence, the Roll of Arms, and the Award Roster.

                4.  Advise the Coronets and populace of the Barony on matters of ceremony and protocol.

                5.  Encourage the use of heraldry within the Barony

                7.  Coordinate with Kingdom Heraldic Officers to provide heraldic support at locally-held Kingdom events.

                8.  Report monthly to the Coronets and Baronial Seneschal, and as required by Kingdom Law and Corpora.    


c.  The Red Trident Herald may select Deputies, as needed.

                1.  Such deputies are not mandatory, with the exception of a “Drop Dead” deputy, which should be chosen as soon as possible

                2.  Deputies may be temporary or permanent, at the discretion of the Herald, and the desire of the deputy and Coronets.

                3.  Possible deputy positions may include a Vox, OP Deputy, etc.


F.  Marshal

1.      Duties

The Marshall is responsible for the conduct of Society-legal combat within the Barony.  Duties and Responsibilities of the Marshall include, but are not limited to:


A)  Performing the office of the Marshall in accordance with directions from Kingdom and/or Regional superior(s).


B)  Ensuring that regular fight practices are held and that sign in sheets are maintained.


C)  Ensuring that a warranted Marshall is present at all Baronial martial activities.


D)     Ensuring that participants in martial activities within the Barony meet the requirements concerning equipment, training, and waivers.


E)      Training others who wish to become marshals.


F)      Coordinate set up and break down of erics at events. 


E)  Overseeing Lesser Officers and/or deputies, which include:


i)                    The Rapier Marshal, who has similar duties and responsibilities with respect to Rapier Combat.

ii)                   The Equestrian Marshal, who has similar duties and responsibilities with respect to Equestrian activities.

iii)                 The Waterbearer.

iv)                 Whalebone and Boffer marshal, who has similar duties  and responsibilities with respect to whalebone and boffer activities.


ii)  The Baronial Archer, who has similar duties and responsibilities with respect to Archery.


a)  The Baronial Children’s Archer, who has similar duties and responsibilities with respect to children’s Archery.



G.    Arts & Sciences Minister

1.      Duties

The Minister of Arts and Sciences is responsible for fostering the practice of period arts and sciences within the Barony.  Duties and responsibilities of the Minister of Arts and Sciences include, but are not limited to:


A)  Performing the office of the Minister of Arts and Sciences in accordance with directions from Kingdom and/or Regional superior(s).


B)  Ensuring that an Arts and Sciences meeting is scheduled and open to Citizens.


C)  Assisting those with questions in the arts and sciences in finding the information or resources needed, if possible.


D)  Recommending to the Baronial Coronet those whose skills and/or work in service to the arts and sciences show them to be worthy of Baronial recognition, or awards.


E)  Encouraging arts and sciences competitions within the Barony.


F)  Working with and fostering communications with any arts- and/or sciences-related groups and guilds as applicable.


G)     Maintaining a list of resource people and their skills.

H)     Working with the baronial scribe if applicable.


H.  Chatelaine

1.      Duties

The Chatelaine is responsible for ensuring that information and assistance are available for newcomers to the Barony.  Duties and Responsibilities of the Chatelaine include, but are not limited to:


A)  Performing the office of the Chatelaine as required by directions from Kingdom and/or Regional superior(s).


B)  Ensuring that an up-to-date pamphlet welcoming newcomers to the Barony is provided at Baronial activities, and at demonstrations, and as requested.


C)  Referring persons requesting information to Officials or persons who will assist them in areas of interest.


D)  Maintaining information in order to present a well-rounded view of the Society.


E)  Overseeing Lesser Officers and/or deputies, which include:


i)  The Gold Key Officer, who is responsible for maintaining and making available the Barony's supply of loaner/rental clothing, as requested.

2.      Deputies

a.     Demo Coordinator

b.     Gold Key



1.      Constable


1) Make the Office a Greater Office in accordance with Corpora.


2) The Baronial Constable is responsible for the safety and security at Baronial Events. Duties and responsibilities of the Baronial Constable include, but are not limited to:


         A) Performing the Office of Constable in accordance with directions from their Kingdom, Principality /Regional superior(s)


         B) Ensuring that a list of Lost and Found items from Baronial events/activities is maintained and provided to the Chronicler for publication in The Siren, and to other newsletter editors in the area, for publication  in appropriate newsletters. The Constable Shall retain and store, as approved by the Council, for a period of at least one year and one day, after which time items not claimed shall be considered forfit to the Barony and may be auctioned off as a fund raising measure.


         C) Ensuring the presence of sufficient persons to maintain all entrance gates and site security as requested by the Autocrat of Baronial events and/or activities.


          D) Ensure that necessary steps are taken to enforce applicable laws at Baronial events/activities, by informing, the responsible and/or appropriate Official(s)


          E) Work with modern legal authorities as requested, and/or needed


Lesser Offices

2.      Chronicler

a.     Duties

A.  Duties:

     1.  The Chronicler is responsible for the content, layout, and distribution of the newsletter, The Siren.

     2.  Keep accurate records of subscriptions and provide the Exchequer with a list of subscribers and receipts as requested.

     3. Maintain a record (written and/or tape recorded) of the Council meeting minutes and publish them in The Siren.

     4.  Work with the Baroinal officers and autocrats to post accurate information.

     5.  Act as a moderator on the Baronial email list, The Stream.

     6. Ensure that the Customary is printed and distributed as least once a year.


B.  Deputies:

     1.  Webminister:

          a. Duties: 

               I.  Maintain the Baronial website in accordance with the Society and An Tir Electronic Publications Policy.


     2.  Grete Boke:

          a. Duties: 

               I.  Keep an archive of the Baronial History. (Newsletters, newspaper articles, event copy, photos from events, etc.)  Make it available to the populace.

               II.  Maintain the Baronial Library and make it available for the poulace to check out.


b.     Deputy

1.      Historian

3.  Chirurgeon

a.     Duties

1.  The Chirurgeon is responsible for organizing and coordinating event-related VOLUNTEER first aid services, and health-and-safety hazard warnings. 


A)  Performing the office of the Chirurgeonate in accordance with directions from Kingdom and/or Regional superior(s).


B)  Maintaining  the Baronial First-Aid kit, and keeping it up to date.


C)  Making the Baronial First-Aid kit available for events in which an Autocrat requests it.


D)  Maintaining a list of qualified and local persons who are capable of administering First-Aid.


E)     Reporting to Council injury-related incidents that happen at events.


Dean of Pages:


(a) Promote the welfare of all children at  events.

(b) Educate children twelve to seventeen on age-appropriate aspects of our historical period of study and of the Society.

(c) Establish guidelines and coordinate activities for children twelve to seventeen at Stromgard events.

(d) Share information on children's activities with interested person

(e)        Work with the pied piper.



Section III-      Honorary Citizenship


1.      Definition-  Those accepted gentles who reside in areas outside of the boundaries of Stromgard but participate with and support Stromgard as active members of our community.

2.      Privileges-  Citizens may autocrat events, voice their opinion in baronial council, be eligible for baronial awards, and hold offices.

3.      Procedure- 

a.     Interested gentles should present a letter requesting citizenship at a Stromgard court. The letter should outline their involvement and what qualities they bring to Stromgard.

b.     The Coronet shall decide upon citizenship requests.

c.     The Coronet will be responsible for acknowledging new citizens in court with a scroll and a symbolic key to the barony.

d.     Or, the Coronet may bestow this honor.


Section IV-  Champions


1.      The Coronet has the right to hold tournaments to choose their champions.  These champions include:

a.     The StormGod-  The Armored Champion of Stromgard. 

1.      The StormGod may be called upon to defend the barony and

Coronet through fighting or leading troops in battle.

2.      The token of this honor is a cloak and the sword of the barony to be passed down to the successor.

3.      The outgoing StormGod will be entered into the Host of


b.     The Champion of Fence

c.     The Champion of the Horse

d.     The Champion of Arts & Sciences

e.     Champion of the Bow

f.        The Champion of the Children

            1.  Criteria for this championship will be determined by the

            Coronet.  Children are encouraged to show their prowess in more than one area of expertise.


                  2.  General Duties of Champions

a.     The champion is expected to protect the Coronet and members of the populace at events.

            b.  The champion is responsible for working with the autocrat of

            the champion’s event to arrange for the tournament to choose his or her successor.  The format of the tournament should be approved by the Coronet.

            c.  The champion should strive to encourage participation within

            the barony in their field.

            d.  The champion will receive a cloak pin as a personal prize.

            e.  The outgoing champions will be entered into the Hall of


f.   The Champion shall display the cloak of their position.

g.     Champions must be paid members of the society at the competition that they are invested at and will maintain current membership during their term.

h.     Champions are considered officers of the barony during their tenure and are expected to abide by the general officer requirements excluding meeting attendance and reporting.


Section V-       Sargeantry


1.  Candidates

            a.  A Letter of Intent should be received by the Baroness in court

                  at least one month prior to the trials.

b.     It is up to the Baroness whether a candidate is accepted to participate in the trials.

c.     Candidates will be encouraged to participate in the study sessions taught by the current Sargeantry.

2.       The Trials

a.     Areas of Testing

1.      Marshal Ability

2.      Society and Medieval Knowledge

3.      Period Games

4.      Questioning by the Ladies’ Gallery

b.     Presentations

1.      Persona Story

2.      Banner

3.      Bardic Performance

4.      Period Dance

c.      Other Requirements

1.      Wear Garb Constructed by the Candidate

2.      Have name and device in submission

3.      Be a junior marshal in their chosen area

                  3.  Regalia

            a.  A Sargeantry plaque that may be displayed in a respectful


            4.  Service and Fealty

            a.  Sargeantry Members are sworn in fealty to the Baroness.

            b.  Sargeants are to protect the Baroness and serve as examples of society ideals for other members.

            c.  Sargeantry Members will defend or represent the barony in their qualifying martial area at two events per year minimum.

5.  Term of Service

a.     Members of the Sargeantry are considered to be on the rolls as long as they remain active in service and fulfill their requirements.

b.     Members of the Sargeantry may request a year’s leave of absence with consultation with the Baroness.

c.     Members unable to remain active will be removed from the rolls of Sargeantry.

1.      Such persons may re-apply to complete the trials at a later


            6.  Privileges

            a.  Bestows the title of Honorary Citizen if the Sargeantry member

            lives outside the lands.


Section VI-   Procedural Standards & Council Meetings

A.    Council

1.      Composed of those members attending monthly business meetings of the barony. 

2.      A quorum will consist of a minimum of the Seneschal or their deputy, three officers, and three other members of the barony of at least 14 years of age.

3.      Meetings will be held as practical on the first Wednesday of the month.

4.      Parliamentary procedure is loosely followed to conduct business.

5.      Every attempt should be made to get new business to the Seneschal for the meeting agenda at least 2 days prior to the meeting.


Section VII-   Events & Autocrats

Autocrats or their Deputy are required to attend the two Council meetings, as applicable, prior to the event for which the Autocrat has responsibility.  Reports shall be presented or received monthly from the time of acceptance of the proposal until event closure.


A)    Autocrats are to work with officers to ensure that event-related duties are fulfilled.  Officers are to work with the autocrat to ensure that event related duties are fulfilled.


B)     Autocrats are deputies of the Seneschal until the final event report is presented.


C)    Autocrats are to work with the Seneschal to make sure the Date Reservation form and Event Form are properly filled out and mailed to the appropriate people.


D)    No Autocrat may make any promises to any site owner without first discussing with council.  No autocrat is allowed to sign any contracts.


a.         The autocrat should propose an updated budget at the meeting following their appointment.


b.         Autocrats will supply the council with a final report within one month of the event.


c.          All paperwork and details should be included in the final event report in order to have reference for the next year.


d.         Keep in contact with all officers that will have duties at the event.  The autocrat is responsible for making sure that all officer duties are covered.


e.          All receipts shall be turned in within 30 days of completing the event.  Prior arrangements should be made with the Exchequer and Seneschal if unable to comply within 30 days.


f.             Waivers and Sign in sheets shall be submitted to the seneschal as soon as possible following the event.




D)  Autocrats are to ensure that any event-related needs are fulfilled, including but not necessarily limited to:


i)  Creating copy for publication which includes directions and all pertinent contact information for the Autocrat and any other necessary assistants, so that anyone is able to contact the autocratting staff should they have special needs or questions.


ii)  Getting event copy to Kingdom Calendar, and appropriate newsletters, for publication.


iii)                 Posting any necessary signs for visual assistance to the site.


1.      Work cooperatively with the Coronet and Seneschal

a.     Ask the Coronet for any specific needs or requests.

b.     The Coronet determines seating at the high table at feasts.

c.     The Autocrat should work with the Coronet to develop a schedule of activities for the event.

d.     Develop the Site flyer including the proposed schedule of events approved by Their Excellencies.




Event Proposals

For the Barony to sponsor an event, a written proposal (with copies to the Seneschal(e), Chronicler, and Coronet) must be submitted to, and approved by, the Council.  The proposal must include:  nature of event, date, time, place, general budget, names of proposed Autocrat, Contingency Deputy, and any consulting autocrat, primary crew, and full and complete contact information. 



e.     Baronial Travel Fund

Baronial Travel Fund  (NO EXCEPTIONS)


A separate travel fund from the baronial general fund will be dedicated for this purpose.

The administration of this fund shall be handled through the Exchequer. Money from this fund shall be made available to the baronial coronets to Kingdom/Crown events.

Fund Upkeep: It is the responsibility of the Coronet to maintain and attempt to increase the Travel Fund through fund raisers and the solicitation of donations. An attempt should be made to leave the fund with more money than it had when the coronet stepped in.  


1.      The Baron and Baroness are encouraged to attend the four Crown events and Crown Councils as called and may be reimbursed for doing so from the Baronial Travel Fund.

a.  Expenses Covered

1.      Gas to and from the event.

2.      Hotel if camping is not practical or available.

3.      Gas expenses will be reimbursed to the individual that transports the baronial storage trailer or the baronial castle trailer.  Reimbursements by receipt or by mileage as delineated by Corpora.

 f.  Meetings are to be held quarterly, one month prior to the

            Exchequer’s reporting due date.





Section VIII-             Baronial Awards

A.    Highest Honor- Potissimus Hippocampus

1.      Awarded for extraordinary service to the barony, continued involvement, encouraging others in their pursuits, epitomizing the aims of the society, and being the ideal to which all should strive.

2.      Granted a maximum of once per year.

3.      Token-  a large silver seahorse


B.      Noble Company of the Swan

The Noble Company of The Swan is Stromgard’s second highest achievement. It was created in AS XL by Baron Rognvaldr and Baroness Isrid to recognize those individuals who show true courtesy and grace in their everyday actions and behaviour. This award is not lightly given.


C.    Service-

1.      The Bell and Chain

a.     The entry level service award for the barony.

b.     Token- a small bell on a chain.

      2. Famulus Primarius

a.     Granted to those who show outstanding service to the barony over many years.  A higher award than the Bell and Chain.

b.     Token-  A pendant bearing a pearl.

3.  The Stromgard Sand Dollar

a.     Granted to children that serve the barony.

b.     Token- A sand dollar pendant representing the future wealth of the barony.

4. The Silver Starfish

1.      Granted to those gentles residing outside of the boundaries of Stromgard who have consistently helped Stromgard.

2.  Token-  A small silver starfish pendant.

D.    Arts & Sciences-

1.      Amicus Musarum

a.     Granted to those that encourage involvement and excel in the arts and sciences.

b.     Token- a red stone pendant.

E.      Favors of the Coronet

1.      Honor of the Seamar-  the Baroness’ Favor

a.     Token- A Bronze four-leaf clover pendant bearing the name and symbol of the granting Baroness.

2.      Baron’s Favor

b.  A token as chosen by the granting Baron.


Section IX-     Traditions


A.    The device of Stromgard may be displayed by the Coronet of the barony.  It may appear on items owned by the barony that are part of the champion’s regalia.

B.      Events

1.      Founding Revel is held close to the first weekend of February.

2.      The Baronial Arts and Sciences Championship will be held at Founding Revel.

3.      Combat Championships are to be held in the latter half of June to provide for better weather for camping.

4.      The Archery and Equestrian Championships will be close to the second weekend of July.

5.      Sargeantry  Trials are held in August unless the Baroness chooses differently.

a.     Classes for training Sargeantry candidates will be taught by the current members of the Sargeantry over the course of two months prior to the trials.

6.      A Yule Feast will be held at a small cost to the populace of the barony in December.

7.      Autocrats receive a small silver seahorse pendant upon successful completion of an event.



Section X-     History


Shire Founded:  ASXIII

Achieved Baronial Status: January 2000

Founding Baron and Baroness:  Sir Tiernan Mor Dal Cais and HL Miranda Faoltiarna, January 2000-January 2003

·        Successors-

HL Rognvaldr Bassi January 2003- November 2005 and Mistress Isrith inn Glodi January 2003- January 2006

·        HL Raul Ladvenue and HL Amice de Chatillion January 2006

Viceroy:  Master Grendal Nikolai Gornych October 2006- current



            Armored Heavy- 

                        2000- Thegn Wilam Tjorkilson


2001- Sir Torfin Torgulson

2002- Dak Jarl Uldredson

            Champion of Fence- 

2000-    Morgan of Blackmarch

2001-    Sean O’Searan

2002-    Gregorio Allexandro de la Vega

            Champion of the Horse-

2000-    HL Togrul Guiscard

2001-    Earl Sir Edward Ian Anderson

2002-    Earl Sir Edward Ian Anderson

2003-    HE Mistress Miranda Faoltiarna Stromgard

2004-    Lord Andre’

2005-    Earl Sir Edward Ian Anderson

2006-    HE Mistress Miranda Faoltiarna Stromgard

            Champion of Arts & Sciences

                        2000-  Isrith inn Glodi

                        2001-  Lord Gunnar Hamundarson

2002- HL Rognvaldr Bassi

            Champion of the Bow-

                        2000-  Cyric of Black Arrow Keep

                        2001-  Rodrigo Othello de Granada

                        2002-  Lord Attila Gyory Sandor

            Children’s Archery-  Now under the Champion of the Children as of 2003

                        2000-  Avery of Drakenmoor

                        2001-  Nathan of Black Arrow Keep

                        2002-  Andre Phillipe

            Whale Bone- Now under the Champion of the Children as of 2003

                        2000-  Avery of Drakenmoor

                        2001-  Johannes Drengr

2002-    Donovan the Meek

Boffer- Now under the Champion of the Children as of 2003

            2000-  Donovan the Meek

2001-  Donovan the Meek


Baronial Award Recipients-  (A complete list of Bell & Chain Members to be added later.)


Potissimus Hippocampus- (established ASXXXIV Baron Tiernan Mor Dal Cais and Baroness Miranda Faoltiarna)


2001-    Master Nikolai Grendl Gornych

2002-    HL Karolee FitzAlan

2003-    HE Mistress Miranda Faoltiarna Stromgard

2005-  HL Rognvaldr Bassi

2006-  HL Judita ben Ephraim


Add***(Noble Company of the Swan) (established AS XL by Baron Rognvaldr Bassi and Baroness Isrith inn Glodi))


Add***(Famulus Primarius) (established AS XXVIII by by Baron Rognvaldr Bassi and Baroness Isrith inn Glodi)



Silver Starfish- (established ASXXXVI  Baron Tiernan and Baroness Miranda)

HL Quoyor Shingotai (TeriTai Tjorkilsdaughter)

          Sir Torfin Torgulson

          HL Bebhinn

            Don Hans Dermast Wanderlust

            Mistress Dona Bridget Fearghaill

            Robert of Hawthorne

            HL Togrul Guiscard

            Sven Oden Eye

            Constancia of River’s Bend


Citizenship-  (established ASXXXIV Baron Tiernan Mor Dal Cais and Baroness Miranda Faoltiarna)

            Thegn Wilam

            HL Siobhan N Seagh

            Elsie ingen Tomais

            Ursa Kloveskeggar

            HL Quoyor Shingotai

            HL Gulenay

            Dak Jarl Ulfredson

            Jacques Avic da’Leau

            Helga in Luma


Amicus Musarum- (existing shire award)

            Isrith inn Glodi

            HL Gunnar Hamundarson

            HL Rognvaldr Bassi


Sea Urchin (Formerly Known as Stromgard’s Sand Dollar)- (Established ASXXXVI Baron Tiernan Mor Dal Cais and Baroness Miranda Faoltiarna)

            Donovan the Meek


            Andre’ Phillipe


Honor of the Seamar, Baroness’ Favor, (established ASXXXV Baroness Miranda Faoltiarna)

            Lord Gunnar Hamundarson

            HL Isrith inn Glodi

            HL Rognvaldr Bassi

            HL Quoyor Shingotai

            Lady Grainne ingen Lochlan

Lady Elise ingen Tomais

Reginleif inn Harfagri

            Lady Isabella of Stromgard

HL Aradia de Benandanti

Her Ladyship Achaxe

Gialandi Biscaldi in Flemska

            Anne Murcadhswife

Lord Richard Falconer

            Jarl Ulfred Drommefjell

Her Excellency Elfreda

            Lord Kjarten Daegarson

Lord Arnsbjorn Cu Tiernan

            Lord Murcadh Dal Cais

Lord Eoin of Black Arrow Keep

            His Lordship Ivan Drengr

Jacques Avic da'Leau

            His Lordship Togrul Guiscard

Lord Ursa Forkbeard

            Lord Rodrigo Othello de Granada

His Lordship Attila Gyory Sandor

            Lord Dau'id McAy

Sir Octamasades

            Sir Torfin Torgulson

Dak Jarl Ulfredson

            Jarl Wilam Tjorkilson

Andre' Phillippe     

His Excellency Gwilym Moore de Montfort

Her Excellency Elizabeth Llandaff

            His Lordship Sven Odin Eye

Sir Tiernan Mor Dal Cais   

            Duchess Signy Oksendahl


Baron’s Favor-  (established ASXXXVII Baron Tiernan Mor Dal Cais)

            Lady Roswitha the Saxon

            Lady Grainne ingen Lochlain

            HL Karolee FitzAlan


Sargeantry Roll of Members-



2000-   HL Rognvaldr Bassi

Lord Murcadh Dal Cais

HL Ivan Drengr

2001-   Ursa Kloveskeggar



2000-   Lord Eoin of Black Arrow Keep

2002-   Lord Attila Gyory Sandor



2001-   HL Togrul Guiscard

2001-  HL Rognvaldr Bassi



2001-      Jacques Avic da’Leau

2002-  Lord Rodrigo Othello de Granada