Stromgard History


These illuminated documents tell the story of our barony up till July 2005.

They are also the baronies contribution to An Tir’s 40 year Domesday Boke.

We would like to thank the following individuals who volunteered their time

and skill.


  -Significant Contributors-                  -Other Contributors-

     Valdemere en Austrivik                      Adan mac Ernain

     Isolda Throkmorton de Foxley             Hroswitha aet Wudeleage

     Rognvaldr Hersir                               Flouerana von Sroheim

     Edelinne de Bayonne                         Ciaran von Ferta

     Jacques avec deLeau                         Alastar Kirkpatrick

     Everild Beatty ili Agadir



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1. Full Achievement


2. Map

3. Investiture

4. Barons, Baronesses

5. History


6. History

7. Baronial Awards


8. Host of Heroes

9. Sergeantry


10. Guilds             


11. Equestrian


12. Baronial Peers

13. Greater Offices


14. Children

15. Citizens

16. Contributors






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