Monthly Challenges 2021

Each month until the next Founding Revel, our StormMaker will issue a new Arts & Sciences challenge. Please think about participating.  Small prizes will be awarded, along with fun and bragging rights. Keep your Arts & Sciences mojo moving forward, and maybe consider these a start to entering the next StormMaker Competition in 2022.


Duke Skeggi



May 2021

This Challenge is dedicated to

Masters Mishka Ravensfury & Sean ap Llwyd

Missing Crown and Egils? All those pick up fights? Longing for an excuse to make that last minute effort to build a new weapon?

This timed challenge is for YOU.


His Grace Skeggi is known to build a new sword the morning of Crown Tournament. Choose your rattan and hilt,

prepare your supplies and get ready!

One hour is the time you’ll have to create YOUR sword.


The Challenge will take place at

Barony of Three Mountains Ethereal First Court A.S LVI event

at 10 AM.

Rattan may be cut to length before the Challenge begins.

Challengers must decide if they will choose to plane, carve, or drill the sword; though no planing, carving or drilling may happen before the Challenge begins.


At 9:45 AM Challengers will meet in the StormMaker Breakout Room. The StormMaker will begin the Challenge at or about 10 AM and will end one hour later.

The finished sword must be suitable for use in

an An Tir Crown Tournament.


Extra pointS will be awarded to finished swords

that go above and beyond

– thrusting tips, artwork along the blade – however much you have time to “fancify” - your efforts will be rewarded.

Modest prizes and bragging rights will be awarded to the Challenger of the StormMaker’s choosing 


If you are up to this Challenge, notify the StormMaker Hlutwige either on the Book of Faces or via email at