Monthly Challenges 2021

Each month until the next Founding Revel, our StormMaker will issue a new Arts & Sciences challenge. Please think about participating.  Small prizes will be awarded, along with fun and bragging rights. Keep your Arts & Sciences mojo moving forward, and maybe consider these a start to entering the next StormMaker Competition in 2022.

Scribal Challenge

April 2021

In honour of Mistresses

Siobhan Iatrosakis and Ceridwen o’Aberistwyth

Challengers (up toTwo-Person teams) will be allotted

Seven Days in which to complete their work. 

This timed challenge is open to any scribe (team limit of 2)

The scrolls produced will benefit the Baronies of
Dragon’s Mist, Stromgard and Three Mountains.

Three Ways to Win
A modest prize & bragging rights shall be awarded for  the Best

completed scroll for each Barony


  In concert with the Baronial Scribe of choice, Challengers will select a Baronial award and create a scroll for later use by the Barony, (depending on each Barony's need).


Baronial Scribes should have a list of Baronial awards that require original art. 

Baronial Scribes should provide texts for the various scrolls.

Challengers should consult Baronial Scribes about requirements for each scroll.


  1. In advance, contact the Baronial Scribe in the Barony for which you wish to create a scroll. With their consultation, choose from the list of awards they have prepared. Baronial scribes will distribute text and give requirements for each award.

  2. These scrolls should be designed non-specific to a recipient. Clear space for name and date should be part of the design.

  3. Challengers may prepare for the 7 days with any necessary preparations (making a cartoon, mixing paint, creating a general design, practice the script, etc.) though pencil, pen and paint may not be set to the final piece until the time begins.

  4. Challengers may select their own medium in consultation with the Baronial Scribe.

  5. The Challenge will commence at 3pm on April 16 and end at 3pm on April 23.

  6. To accept the Challenge, please contact the StormMaker via the Book of Faces or send me a message via her FaceBook page for answers to other questions.


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