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Now that the Yule Season is passed and the modern New Year has begun, I ask you to turn your thoughts to February when Stromgard will hold its virtual Founding Revel. Their Excellencies Stromgard have chosen to allow me to continue on as StormMaker through the coming year. Thus, the next StormMaker Tournament will not take place until 2022. In the hope that I might spur your Arts and Sciences interest, I am sponsoring a friendly competition; 

Master and Apprentice Challenge

The Guidelines for this competition are as follows:

One Master (preferably a peer though I am willing to consider alternatives) with one Apprentice form a team (no formal association is required). The Master is responsible for the remote instruction of the Apprentice in an Art or Science and the creation of the entry.

Rather than indulging in a large purchase, I encourage you to be creative using what the Master and Apprentice may have on hand. Please send a “Letter of Intent” to Their Excellencies Stromgard and to the StormMaker Hlutwige by February 1, 2021 (or thereabouts) to

At the virtual event, the project may be presented using photos, Word doc, video, audio, etc. The entry must include some documentation and a description of what and how the Master taught the Apprentice – who did what --(one or two pages total) and must be submitted by February --date is forthcoming-- (2-3 days before the event) to: and to StormMaker Hlutwige at

If you find yourself to be virtually challenged, fear not! Stromgard’s Webminister is available to help get the project into "electronic" format, and get you up and running for virtual live presentation. 

Future event information will include the electronic meeting format, date and time. Entries will be displayed on the Baronial Web site for continued enjoyment. The victorious duo will be awarded adulation, bragging rights, and prizes!

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