Sergeants & Candidates

Captains of the Sergeantry

Lord Refskegg & Lady Kata of House Bread ​

The Captains of the Sergeantry administer and assist in facilitiating opportunities for Sergeantry Candidates to successfully accomplish their tasks. The Captains encourage and support Sergeants in their quest to support and defend the honor of the Barony and the Coronet through service, skill and chivalry.

Duties, Rights, and Privileges of the Sergeantry

Should you succeed in this most personal of trials, these are the expectations and ramifications for you and your consort.
Please know that any member of the sergeantry may request a leave of absence.


Each member of the sergeantry trials shall:

  • Swear an oath of fealty to the coronet of Stromgard and through them the crown of an tir.

  • Protect and defend the coronet, the barony, and her people

  • Be in the forefront in the support and instruction of novices and aid in the dissemination of information to the populace in all manner of the marshallate, arts, sciences and service.

  • Strive to uphold the ideals of chivalry, courtesy, and honor with their every word and deed.

  • Know the rules of the list and the field conventions of An Tir.

  • Strive to maintain their skills, and to increase them, to such extant that, should coronet of crown have need of them, they are ready.

  • Have the right to personal council with the coronet and recommend changes to future trials.

  • Maintain regular contact with the coronet

  • Challenge themselves at least once per year by doing something new.

  • Attend future stromgard sergeantry trials as is within their ability and provide input regarding the candidates to the coronet.

  • Form the goodly strength of the baronial war levy, and answer their excellency's summons in times of strife

  • Bear the regalia of the barony

  • Maintain their membership to be viable on the field or as an officer

Stromgard Sergeantry Trials

  • All candidates must complete the required reading: 

    • The Customary of the Barony of Stromgard

    • SCA Organizational Handbook

    • An Tir Kingdom Law

    • An Tir Books of the following:

      • The An Tir Book of Combat

      • The An Tir Book of Horse

      • The An Tir Rapier ABC’s

      • The An Tir Book of Target

      • The An Tir Book of Rapier

      • The An Tir Book of Cut and Thrust

    • The Tri-baronial alliance

    • Stromgard Study Guide


  • All candidates are recommended to watch the following videos (these might be extra credit) :

    • A Knights Tale (2001)

    • A Lion in Winter (1968)

    • 13th Warrior (1999)

    • Vatel (2000)

    • Monty Pythons Holy Grail (1975)

    • Civilizations (2018)

    • Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death (2013)

    • She-Wolves: England’s Early Queens (2012)


  • Arts and Sciences: All candidates are expected to be diverse in their skills and knowledge. They are not required to know everything but should know an individual who does. To further that goal candidates will attempt a diverse set of crafts

    • Create an arts and sciences item for display with research and documentation (Not required to be submitted at a competition but encouraged)

    • Produce your name in three different scribal hands

    • Research and reproduce an illumination piece of two different major influences such as the Book of Kells, Bayeux Tapestry (Piece can be a full scroll or as simple as a bookmark). One should be in a middle eastern style and one should try to reflect your persona.  

    • Demonstrate basic stitch work to the satisfaction of the Coronets (three stiches)


  • Heraldry: All candidates will learn the language of basic book heraldry to include but not limited to:

    • Know how to use the An Tir Roll of Arms to search for people

    • Know how to use the Order of Precedence to search for people

    • Be able to blazon An Tir and Stromgard arms

    • Recognize the Legendary individuals of Stromgard

    • Identify local baronies and shires of the Kingdom of An Tir

    • Identify Known Kingdoms and their order of creation

    • Be in the process of submitting your own arms and names


  • Medieval life: All Candidates will be asked to identify and perform important parts of medieval life such as:

    • Learn about the creation and importance of Guilds in medieval life

    • Parts of fortress or castle

    • Types of Siege engines and war machines

    • Siege techniques employed through period

    • Recognize and identify basic armor pieces and styles

    • Give a bardic performance no less than two minutes long and answer questions about the piece/style and know the origins of the piece. (Does not have to be period but should be within the Dream with approval of Coronets)

    • Research a piece of period literature and perform an excerpt from it, including presenting research and documentation for it such a report. (Confirm adequate source with Coronets)

    • Learned 3 different styles of dance and perform them for the Coronets

    • Learn to play and teach a period board game, dice game, and card game one of which has to be a persona correct one

  • Society: All Candidates will be asked to showcase that they are a Noble member of our society by:

    • Attend a class regarding court etiquette and behavior (behind and in front of the thrones)

    • Comport yourself as benefits a Noble, be able to answer about forms of address, chivalry, honor and courtly behavior.

    • Having a (mostly) complete outfit appropriate to their persona and have personally made one or more pieces. *

    • Research and continue to develop their chosen persona. Candidates will be asked to create an appropriate personal item such as a piece of clothing, pouch or jewelry.

    • Know the history of the Kingdom and Barony (Founding dates, first to reign)

    • Knowing how to submit recommendations for an award at baronial and kingdom level

    • Know the officers of the barony and their required duties

    • Know the officers of the kingdom and their required duties

    • Recognize and know the purpose of baronial and kingdom level awards

    • Possess a basic understanding of the other aspects of the sergentry such as: archery and throwing, arts and sciences, combat (rapier, heavy, ctc), equestrian, and service.

    • Have a conversation with a member of each of the Orders of the Peerage about what being a peer means to them.


  • Service: All Candidates. Sergeants are a powerful force within the Barony and are expected to maintain that reputation. They should provide service to the populace, Coronets and Crown by:

    • Attend two  Stromgard councils meetings and make an attempt at attending another barony or shires.

    • Attend an event stewarding class and a gate class

    • Be a warranted junior marshal in any activity. (If you are already a junior marshal, you must get another junior or get a senior.)

    • Assist with setup of baronial pavilion and the thrones

    • Participate at one demo (if available)

    • Do a shift as guard and a shift as retinue on any level

    • Build and maintain an SCA dossier

    • Know the rules of the list and be able to help run tournaments

    • Talk to each of the Baronial officers and Champions about their job, its rewards and challenges.

Martial Prowess Candidates

  • All martial prowess path candidates will have a final test of their skill

  • In addition to learning all candidates must routinely teach their chosen skill

  • All candidates should participate in a tournament


  • Study and improve their skill to the Baroness' satisfaction. Candidates should be challenging in one style and proficient in two others.

  • Read the Armored Rose

  • Own your own complete kit at least one piece of which and one weapon must have been made by your hand

  • Candidates should run a novelty or prize tournament (such as ones done at fight practice)

  • Candidates should participate in a war practice or war as part of the Baronial levy


  • Study and improve their skill to the Baroness’ satisfaction. Candidates should be challenging in one style and proficient in two others.

  •  Identify 3 different period styles

  • Read a period manual on sword fighting

  • Be able to demonstrate skill and understanding of one period style

  • Candidates should run a novelty or prize tournament (such as ones done at a fight practice)

Yeoman consists of three possible focus’s: archery, throwing, combat archery.

  • Target Archery Focus candidates are expected to improve their skill to the Baroness’s satisfaction.  Archery focus candidates should own their own bow and have made a piece of their own gear (arrows, bracers, quiver, bow etc)

    • Archery Royal Round Score 55+

    • Throwing Royal Round Score 65+

    • IKCAC Score of 100+

  • Throwing Focus candidates are expected to improve their skill to the Baroness’s satisfaction. A Royal Round score of 95 in throwing is the baseline for this. They are also expected to maintain a target archery royal round of 40 and achieve an IKCAC score of  75. Throwing weapon candidates should have made at least one  of their weapons.

    • Throwing Royal Round Score 95+

    • Archery Royal Round Score 40+

    • IKCAC Score of 75+

  • Combat Archery Focus Candidates are expected to improve their skill to the Baroness’s satisfaction. Combat archery candidates must own their own complete armor kit and have made half a dozen or more arrows/bolts for combat archery.

    • 3 IKCAC scores of 120+

    • Archery Royal Round Score of 40+

    • Throwing Royal Round Score of 65+

  • All candidates should read Toxophilus or other archery related period works.

  • All candidates should demonstrate knowledge of spine of arrows, fletching, and different shooting styles/bow types.

  • All candidates should run a novelty or prize tournament ( such as ones at normal practice)


  • TBT (aka whatever Duchess Miranda Tells you)

  • Study and improve their skill to the Baroness’s satisfaction in general riding, martial riding, and one ‘advanced authorization’ such as crest combat, mounted, archery, or jousting. Proficient in one style, challenging in two others.


Service and Skill Sergeants


Courtier (Service)

  • Candidates are expected to study and improve their talents to the satisfaction of the Coronets

  • Candidates must hold an office in the region or be a deputy during the trials

  • They must be a significant part of an event team at least two times. (gate, land steward, event steward, heraldry, etc)

  • Volunteer at a Kingdom/Principality level or other Baronies event

  • Run lists for a tournament or gate

  • Write up a proposal (even if not submitted) for an event


Scholar or Artisan  (Arts and Sciences)

  • Candidates are expected to study and improve their talents to the satisfaction of the Baron in three different forms of skills.

  • They must have taught two classes throughout the trials

  • Candidates must participate in a baronial level or above arts and sciences competition (can be same as your display)

  • Have an in-depth walk-through judging of your work and ‘judge’ another’s based off of Kingdom Judging forms. (The experience of judging and being judged from the Kingdom Rubric is the goal and not the piece being judged)

  • Candidates must take a class on Kingdom Judging Rubric (If a class is not an option please speak to two former Kingdom Judges and have them walk you through it)

Not active yet. I'll let you know when it is. Study Guide will be in the Members area when it is finished and uploaded.

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