The Coronets of Stromgard 

Baron Duncan Vitrarius (Scott Baker) 

Baroness Moira Ramsay (Jamie Lea Baker) 



Ronan Mac an Leagha (John Paul)


Seneschal Deputy

Alexander Son of Gray (Alexander Grayson) 




Everild Beaty (Carol Hornby)


Exchequer Deputy
Þóra Jórsalafari (Kerry Beckett)


If you need a reimbursement form
Click HERE to download a fill-in PDF (you must have Adobe Reader)


Chatelaine (newcomer resource)

Dagmar Thorfinrsdottir (Stephanie Faith Warren)


Gold Key (loaner garments)

Kata of House Bread (Breanna Quinones)


Arts & Sciences

Helvi av Gotland (Robin Wright)
360-326-5325 (no voicemail)



Ragna In Valska (Patty Black)

Social Media Officer

Penelope Viollet (Penelope Fritts)


Herald - Red Trident Pursiuvant

Yin Yun (Rezin Nelson)


Silent Herald

Ragna In Valska (Patty Black)




Tatyana of Stromgard (Jenn Contreras-Perez)


Baronial Marshal

Elriin of Hrassvelg  (Scott Arquette)


Deputy Knights Marshal
Rayner Ulfgarsson (Colin Warren)


Baronial Fight Practice Marshal-in-Charge
Duncan Vitrarius (Scott Baker)


Minister of the Lists

Rostislav Nairmontov (Cody Payne)


Rapier Marshal

Chris Perkins


Cut & Thrust Marshal

Refskegg of House Bread (Jed Heimkes)


Archery Deputy Marshal

Federach the Beardless (Vern Myers)


Thrown Weapons Deputy Marshal

Matthias von Schwarzenberg  (Bud Clark)

Web Minister

Helvi av Gotland (Robin Wright)
360-326-5325 (no voicemail)

OPEN OFFICES  (see below)


If you are interested in an open position please email the Seneschal.


  • Chamberlain

  • Youth and Family Activities

  • Equestrian Marshal

  • Youth Marshal


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