The Siren & Baronial Council Meeting minutes

     We are currently looking for article submissions. I know we have lots of creative, smart people in our group who cook,

        make beer/wine/mead or whatever... You fighter guys, hey, maybe send us something about a project you're doing?
        If you don't like the content, folks, it's up to you to send me something else you wanna share!!
        Anything related to SCA is welcome. It can be your artwork, crafty or artsy project...

        Any interesting links you came across?

                     Send all submissions to Chronicler.


                                The Siren & Baronial meeting 09-08 pdf


                                The Siren 06-08 pdf


                                      The Siren 09 pdf


                                      The Siren 05 09 pdf


                                      The Siren 10 09 pdf


                                      Baronial Council Meeting June 11, 2008


                                Baronial Council Meeting Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, 2008


                                      Baronial Council Meeting July, 2009        








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